Walker Homesite Park Improvements Functional Design Plan​

Walker Homesite Park is a 10-acre Community Park located in Ward 9 at 1900 Seymour Boulevard in the Devonshire Heights neighbourhood of Windsor. The City of Windsor has retained Landmark Engineers to develop a new Functional Design Plan for Walker Homesite Park. The new functional upgrades will be aimed at (but not limited to) the following:

  • Mitigating current drainage issues
  • Upgrading the existing parking lots
  • Improving public safety
  • Improving park accessibility
  • Enhancing the existing sports facilities​​

We Want Your Input!

All feedback received through this short survey​ by Saturday, December 17, 2022 will be considered during the development of the final design plans and will help us make the most of this opportunity for growth in your park amenities.​

​The following is a brief outline of the proposed scope of work.

Please have a look at this conceptual design drawing, also shown below, for further details:​

Walker Homesite Concept Plan

Improved Park Drainage:

  • Re-grading of low-lying areas prone to standing water
  • New drainage swales along the outer perimeter of each diamond to mitigate on-field drainage issues
  • New drainage swale along the east and north property limit of the park to direct stormwater away from adjacent properties

Parking Lot Upgrades: 

  • Each parking lot upgraded from a gravel surface to new asphalt paving
  • Expansion of the north parking lot entrance/exit to accommodate 2 lanes of traffic
  • New accessible pedestrian pathways connecting the parking lots to the existing trail network

Baseball Diamond Upgrades: 

  • Re-graded infield and outfield playing surfaces
  • Upgraded bullpens, dugouts, and pitching mounds
  • New irrigation system in the outfield of Diamond #2
  • New warning track and expanded outfield fencing at Diamond #2

Electrical Works: 

  • New overhead lighting and new scoreboard at Diamond #2
  • Direct power supply to Diamond #1 and Diamond #3

Landscaping Works:

  • Added trees for increased shade and improved spectator experience

Improved Safety: 

  • New high-mast protective netting at Diamond #2 and Diamond #3 to shield adjacent homeowners and parked cars from errant foul balls

Existing Conditions:​

The park currently contains​ three baseball diamonds, maintenance facilities, two gravel parking lots, public walking trails, trees, a playground, a workout station, and several sitting areas.

Collage of Walker Homesite existing conditions
For further information, please contact:

Parks and Recreation
2450 McDougall Street
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Phone: For general information, call 311.
For detailed inquiries, call (519) 253-2300.