Peche Island

a landscape view of the surrounding water and trees at Peche Island
Detroit River, accessible only by boat

Island information:

Peche Island, an 86-acre island, was purchased by Hiram Walker in 1883. Walker used the island for a summer place, and his buildings included a stable, large home, greenhouse, and icehouse. The property was sold in 1907. Peche Island was acquired by the City of Windsor on November 1, 1999. Formerly, the island was managed as a provincial park by the provincial government.

The island lies 330 metres off the Detroit River shoreline at the eastern edge of Windsor. Lakeview Park Marina offers a good view of the island from the mainland. Lakeview Park Marina is the closest mainland marina to launch boats and paddle or motor to the island. The island is open for public use from June to October each year; docking facilities are located on the south side of the island.

The interior of Peche Island preserves Provincially Significant Wetlands, and the entire island is an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. The wetlands attract large numbers of waterfowl, especially Canvasback, Redhead, Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye and Common Merganser, which can be found in the nearby waters. ​ Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles are often attracted by these large flocks and can sometimes be seen perched in the island's larger tree tops. During the late winter of 2011, up to 32 Bald Eagles were attracted to the area around the island by the open water and abundance of food.


  • Natural Heritage Features
  • Rustic Walking Trails
  • Docking Facilities
  • Picnic Tables
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  • Washroom

Tour Information:

Registration is now availible for our 2023 season! To pre-register, contact the Centralized Registration & Booking Centre at 519-255-1161 by phone or at​ by email.

2023 Peche Island Tour Information - What to know before you go​


Shoreline Protection and Erosion Prevention Project:

Details of the project, including costs, background information, and quotes from Mayor Dilkens and Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) Director of Conservation Services, were announced in this news release regarding the project highlighted in the three shoreline protection videos linked above.

Equipment placing armour stoneThe City of Windsor partnered with the Essex Region Conservation Authority to protect the shoreline of Peche Island. Roughly 20 percent of the island had been lost to erosion by best estimate since record keeping began. So Mayor Dilkens and his council colleagues committed to preserving this natural gem in the Detroit River.

Peche Island provides critical habitat for fish and migratory birds, but experts say more than 95 per cent of Detroit River’s coastal wetlands have been lost. The Detroit River area is designated a Binational Area of Concern under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. It is also the only river in North America with both Canadian and American Heritage River designations.Drone image showing rock islands

Three years of work to provide long-term erosion protection for Peche Island are now complete. In collaboration with the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA), City staff oversaw the creation of natural barriers, in the form of nine sheltering islands and a 600-metre revetment wall, installed in the water along the north and northeast sides of the island aimed at preventing erosion damage and enhancing fish habitat.


  • Benches
  • Fishing
  • Gardens
  • Washroom

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