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Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) Projects

Beginning in fall 2017, the City of Windsor has begun construction work related to the 13 projects that received federal funding as part of the CWWF program. Each of these projects will benefit either the water, wastewater or stormwater systems in the city. 

Investing in Canada
​Project # ​ Project Description
​WIN-001 ​Pontiac Pumping Station Drainage Assessment
​WIN-002 ​St. Paul Pumping Station Drainage Assessment
​WIN-003 ​Campbell/University area Stormwater Management Study - Stormwater Master Plan
​WIN-004 ​Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant Main Pumphouse Drywell Integrity and Reliability Improvements
​WIN-005 ​Supply and Installation of Odor Control System at the Maplewood Pumping Station to prevent collection system corrosion
​WIN-006 ​Upgrades to the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant (LRWRP) Biological Aerated Filter Backwash Supply Tank Screens
​WIN-007 ​Separation of existing combined sewers, as well as watermain and road rehabilitation Princess Avenue, Tecumseh Road East to Adstoll Avenue
​WIN-008 ​Storm Sewer, Wastewater, Watermain and Road Rehabilitation Janisse Drive, Wyandotte Street to Raymond Avenue.
​WIN-009 ​Storm Sewer, Wastewater, Watermain and Road Rehabilitation Mount Carmel Drive, Cabana Road West to Lennon Court
​WIN-010 ​South National Storm and Wastewater Relining
​WIN-011 ​Rossini Boulevard sewers re-lining of both storm and sanitary pipes which run under the high school
​WIN-012 ​Storm extension to College and Crawford allowing for disconnection of combined sewer for stormwater
​WIN-013 ​Conduct a sewer condition data acquisition study on 65% of the existing assets