Federal Gas Tax (FGT) Fund Projects

The City of Windsor has received federal funding for 2020 as a part of the Federal Gas Tax (FGT) program. The Public Works projects listed below have been approved for this funding. These projects benefit the physical infrastructure in the city and the computer systems used to manage and support infrastructure assets throughout the city.

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​Project Number ​Project Description
​OPS-001-07 ​Road Rehabilitation - Various Locations Program
​OPS-002-11 ​Minor Road Deficiencies Rehabilitation Program
​OPS-003-07 ​Bridge Rehabilitation Program
​OPS-004-19 ​Infor Hansen Infrastructure Management System (Infor IPS Hansen system upgrade and implementation of a mobile solution)
​OPS-008-20 ​Traffic Signal Upgrades and Replacements
​OPS-010-07 ​Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) - System Maintenance