Local Heritage Appreciation
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Local Heritage Appreciation

Heritage Week

The third Monday of February is Canadian Heritage Day, a day to recognize and pay tribute to our land and landmarks, our nation's history, our diverse cultures and our traditions. The Heritage Canada Foundation first established Heritage Day in 1974. Heritage Day coincides with Ontario Heritage Week, which takes place annually during the third week of February.

See the 2018 list of Heritage Week Celebrations​

Heritage Recognition

In conjunction with the annual Heritage Week in Ontario, City Council recognizes property owners for long-time heritage stewardship and/or recent well-done rehabilitations through the presentation of Built Heritage Awards.  Owners of newly designated buildings are also presented a heritage designation plaque. 

Built Heritage Awards

2018 Nominations

  • Champion Products, 2744 Edna Street and 2601 Wyandotte Street East
  • TCI Titan Group, 2489 Seminole Street
  • U Haul, 9082 Tecumseh Road East
  • Heimat, 1367 Drouillard Road
  • Michael DiFazio Reclaim Artistry, 1023 Drouillard Road


  • Walkerville Brewery, 525 Argyle Road
  • Windsor Light Music Theatre (originally Victoria United Church), 2491 Jos. St. Louis Avenue
  • House (Originally St. Aidan's Anglican Church), 834 Lawrence Road
  • Marentette Apartments, 1563-1589 Ontario Street
  • Gordon H. Fuller Substation, 1504 Pelissier Street
  • Water's Edge Reception Centre (formerly Our Lady of the Rosary Church), 2879 Riverside Drive East 
  • Post Cafe (formerly Sandwich Post Office), 3201 Sandwich Street


  • Windsor Star, now University of Windsor, 167-181 Ferry Street
  • Semi-detached residences, 1291-1293 Victoria Avenue
  • Chick-McDougald House, 743 Devonshire Road
  • Windsor Youth Centre, 1241-1247 Wyandotte Street East


  • Mike Brkovich, for Canadian Auto Painting, 420 Kildare Road
  • Stephen Hargreaves and Ron Drouillard, for City Cyclery, 553 Lincoln Road
  • Brew, 653 University Avenue East


  • Michael and Nicole Seguin, for the Esdras Parent House, 827 Esdras Avenue
  • Settimo Vilardi, architect, for Windsor Truck & Storage, 201 Shepherd Street East
  • Emily Neilson and Mark Neilson, for the Morand Family Farm House, 3954 Howard Avenue  

Heritage Designation Plaques


  • Former Windsor Star, 167-181 Ferry Street
  • Rigg-Shanfield House, 942 Victoria Avenue
  • Cunningham's Sheet Metal, 1478 Kildare Road
  • Imperial Bank of Canada, Walkerville, 1586-98 Wyandotte Street East
  • International Playing Card Company, 1123 Mercer Street


  • Bell-Coulter House, 793 Devonshire Road
  • Ambery-Isaacs House or "Foxley",  811 Devonshire Road
  • Wiser's Reception Centre, 2072 Riverside Drive East
  • Harris House, 1380 Ypres Avenue


  • Montreuil-Buckland-Vichos House, 4187 Riverside Drive East


  • Knights of Columbus / Auditorium Building, 716 Pelissier Street & 703-717 Ouellette Avenue
  • Federal Building / Dominion Public Building / Édifice Paul Martin Building, 185 Ouellette Avenue

For general information, please call 311.  For detailed inquiries, contact the following:

Planning Department
Suite 404, 400 City Hall Square East
Windsor, Ontario   N9A 7K6
Phone:  (519) 255-6543
Fax:  (519) 255-6544
Email:  planningdept@citywindsor.ca