Zoning and Construction

What is the zoning of my property?

  • Each property is examined on an individual basis, as the zoning may vary from one property to another.
  • A municipal address and a legal description of the property are required to confirm zoning on a site.
  • Zoning designations can be found by using E-Services located in the drop down menu at the top of this page. Click on the "Public Property Query" button to access the next screen, which will allow you to look up properties by municipal address.
  • If you know the location of the property within the city, you can also use the zoning maps to confirm the designated zoning.
  • To view the provisions of each zoning, you can view the Zoning By-law.
  • If you require more detailed zoning information, please contact the Planning & Building Department at (519) 255-6543 or email planningdept@citywindsor.ca.

Planning & Building Department
Building Division
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P.O. Box 1607
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Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquires, call 519-255-6267.
Email: buildingdept@citywindsor.ca