Border Crossings by Water

Reporting Requirements for Private Boaters Into Canada

For details, please visit Reporting requirements for private boaters (Canada Border Services Agency).

Reporting from a CBSA marine reporting site

As owner/operator of the boat, it is your responsibility to report to the CBSA when you enter Canadian waters. Go directly to a Telephone Reporting Site-Marine (TRS/M) and follow the instructions posted at the location for request clearance to enter Canada. Only the owner/operator may leave the boat to place the call to the TRC. Everyone must remain onboard until the CBSA gives authorization.

Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC): Toll Free- 1-888-CAN-PASS (226-7277)

Making your Report

When you contact the TRC, you will be asked about your trip, passengers, and whether you have any goods to declare. As the owner/operator of the boat, only you can report to the TRC. You must collect the information from each passenger onboard and provide it to the TRC.
Requirements for non-residents of Canada:
  • Full name, date of birth, and citizenship
  • Length and purpose of the stay in Canada
  • Destination
  • A passport, birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, a U.S. Permanent Resident Card, or Certificate of Indian Status along with photo identification and visa information, if applicable.

Your CBSA report number and secondary inspection

A CBSA officer at the TRC will determine whether further verification or examination is needed. If you do not need further verification, the officer will provide you with a report number. If a secondary inspection is necessary, the officer will advise you to remain at the TRS/M, or go to one if you are reporting from the water, and to ensure that all goods and passengers remain onboard. The CBSA officer who conducts the secondary inspection will provide you with the report number. The minimum fine for failing to report to the CBSA upon entry to Canada is $1000.00 CAN.

Reporting Requirements for Private Boaters into the U.S.A.

Ambassador BridgeCBP has designated specific reporting locations that are staffed during boating season for pleasure boats to report their arrival and be inspected by CBP. The master of the boat must report to CBP telephonically and be directed to the nearest Port of Entry to satisfy the face-to-face requirement, or report to the nearest designated reporting location along with the boat's passengers for inspection.

For details, please visit Pleasure Boats and Private Flyers (U.S. Customs and Border Protection).

There are three exceptions to the face-to-face inspection at a designated reporting location: CBP Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile (CBP ROAM), NEXUS, and the Canadian Border Boat Landing Permit (I-68). Participation in any of these programs does not preclude the requirement for physical report upon request by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Any small pleasure vessel leaving a United States port into international or foreign waters, without a call at a foreign port, does not satisfy the foreign departure requirement. Therefore, certain fishing vessels, cruises to nowhere, or any vessel that leaves from a United States port and returns without calling a foreign port or place has not departed the United States.


The Nexus program provides low-risk travellers the option to be pre-approved by both the CBSA and the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Members can call the Nexus marine reporting number up to four hours in advance of their arrival into Canada for more convenient processing. Participants in the Canadian Border Boat Landing Permit Program (I-68) or the Nexus Program may report their arrival to CBP by calling the number below. Unless directed by the CBP Officer, participants in these programs do not have to report for an in-person inspection.

Detroit Area (Monroe to Metro Beach) - 313-393-3949
Port Huron Area (Algonac to Alena) - 810-985-9972 
Sault St. Marie Area (Rogers City the rest of the way North) - 906-632-7221 or 906-632-2631

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