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Education / Community Support and Social Services
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Minimum Qualifications (non negotiable):

​Applicants must live in/near Windsor Essex to apply. We are looking to hire individuals who are friendly, have a flexible work schedule (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm), are comfortable visiting schools to speak to students/school administrators, and have a valid driver’s licence to join the research team. Some school boards may require a criminal background check to visit their schools. Occasional school teachers, part-time nurses, or retired teachers/principals/professionals are encouraged to apply.​

Preferred but negotiable:

Job Description:

Working closely with the ISR Project Manager, a Field Staff Representative is responsible for scheduling appointments with school principals and teachers, and administering the online surveys to students in grade 7 to 12 in randomly selected schools. Once in the classroom, a Field Staff Representative reads out the survey introduction, instructs students on how to complete the online survey questionnaires and collects completed pencil-paper questionnaires at the end of a regularly scheduled class (the survey takes about 40 minutes to complete). Once a class has completed the survey, the Field Staff Representative is responsible for mailing any pencil-paper survey questionnaires back to ISR. Depending on responses from the schools and selected regions, each field staff may be asked to survey 2 to 10 schools in each region. Therefore, work is flexible and occurs intermittently during the school year (October 2022 - June 2023). At elementary schools, up to two grade 7s and two grade 8 classes are surveyed (4 in total), and in secondary schools, up to eight classes may be surveyed (two classes in each grade 9, 10, 11 and 12). Training is provided.

For surveys conducted in the Field Staff Representative’s own city or town, the payment is $50 for each class in which the survey is administered and $50 for making the arrangements and going to the school. For example, if four classes were surveyed in one trip for an elementary school, the fee would be $250 ($50 x 5). If two trips had to be made, it would be $300 ($50 x 6). If eight classes were surveyed in one trip for a secondary school, the fee would be $450 ($50 x 9). If two trips had to be made, it would be $500 ($50 x10). Additional payment may be provided if a Field Staff Representative agrees to travel outside of their own city.

How To Apply

​If anyone is interested in this part-time work opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter to
Stella Park at Position is open until filled.

​Note to Applicants:
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