Residential Rental Licensing Pilot Study

Logo showing a house within a shield with a heart in the house and above the smokestackThe City of Windsor is looking for feedback to help inform a draft residential rental licensing by-law. City staff from Legal Services, Licensing, Building, By-law Enforcement, Finance, Fire and Housing Services have developed this survey based on consultations with the Town and Gown Advisory Committee and the Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee. By collecting information through this survey, staff will be able to compare the feedback received from these committees with the general opinions of Windsor residents, whether renters or homeowners, as well as residential landlords. These findings will inform the final draft by-law for the pilot study and will also be presented to council alongside the by-law to help inform their decision.

About the Pilot Study

Council has requested a draft by-law that will allow for a two-year residential rental licensing pilot study in wards 1 and 2. City staff have evaluated existing City of Windsor by-laws, by-laws from other municipalities and relevant additional literature to propose a licensing framework intended to accomplish the following:

  • Bring more properties into compliance with applicable laws and safety regulations, such as the Ontario Building Code, the Fire Code and the City's Property Standards By-law 9-2019
  • Support and improve existing By-law and Property Standards enforcement mechanisms
  • Improve, understand and preserve Windsor's existing rental housing stock

Once the pilot study is completed, its findings will be presented to City Council along with a by-law to implement a citywide licensing program for their consideration at a future meeting. More information about the proposed framework is available in the Public Feedback Survey Additional Information Document.

About the Public Feedback Survey

The Residential Rental Licensing Public Feedback Survey was available from October 19 through November 9, 2021, and is now closed.

The survey consisted mostly of yes/no and multiple choice questions. Some sections also included comment boxes where additional information could be provided.

About Your Privacy

The survey did not collect personal identifying information like your name or address. The data collected will only be used to inform the design of the by-law and to report to council regarding public consultations. All responses will be analyzed anonymously, and any results will only be reported to council in aggregate.