Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre Steering Committee Reports (Archived)

Please note: Information available under Archived Committees is offered for reference purposes only, as these committees are no longer active.

City Council at its meeting held October 5, 2015 approved to disband the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre Steering Committee (M423-2015).

Report No. 1 - (Project Governance Hierarchy - Terms of Reference/Mandate)
Report No. 2 - (Pre-Construction Budget Request)
Report No. 3 - (In-camera - confidential)
Report No. 4 - (Specifying Mechanical and Electrical Consultant within Compliance Firm RFP)
Report No. 5 - (Proposed Pitt Street Closure - Church Street to Bruce Avenue)
Report No. 6 - (Family Aquatic and Library Complex)
Report No. 7 - (RFP 7-11 Family Aquatic and Library Complex)
Report No. 8 - (Proposed Owner's Statement of Requirements)
Report No. 9 - (Assignment of Pool Works to Design Build Proponent)
Report No. 10 - (Personal Matter with in-camera attachment)
Report No. 11 - (RFP - Denial of honoraria for unsuccessful proponents)
Report No. 12 - (Family Aquatic and Library Complex - Compliance Team) 
Report No. 13 - (Purchasing Matters - Family Aquatic Complex (the "Facility")
Report No. 14 - (Family Aquatic Centre (the "Facility") - Facade Development)
Report No. 15 - (Construction Communications Plan for Family Aquatic Complex)
Report No. 16 - (Family Aquatic Facility - Project Charter)

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