Time to Care - Fire Alarm and Carbon Dioxide Detector Safety

According to the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, too many Canadians are at heightened risk, unnecessarily, of dying due to a fire or carbon monoxide exposures in the home.

As part of our commitment to employee wellness, we are pleased to support the CAFC's efforts to create change.

The Workplace Wellness program would like to remind employees to change your smoke alarm batteries once every year, and to replace all smoke alarms that are older than 10 years and all carbon monoxide alarms that are older than 7 years.

Why should you take 'Time to Care'? Household fires and CO poisonings result in hundreds of deaths and hospitalizations each year. Many of these tragedies involve children, and most are preventable.

Need more motivation? Statistics indicate that as many as half of your friends, relatives, and co-workers may live in homes with smoke alarms with no batteries or smoke/CO alarms that have expired.

Please take the 'Time to Care'; help give your family and friends the precious time they may need someday to escape a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information visit​​​​​