Delegation List
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Delegation List

Delegations for the Monday, October 15, 2018 Windsor City Council meeting.


8.3 Parking Enforcement Services - Tender 68-18 - City Wide

a) Jason Parent, President of CUPE Local 543

11.1 Declaration of Vacant Parcel of Land Surplus and Authority to Offer the Land for Sale – 0 Tecumseh Road East - Ward 8


11.2 OFFICIAL PLAN AND ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENTS -requested by 2509252 Ontario Ltd. and Iyman Meddoui for 0 Princess Avenue - to permit the westerly expansion of the existing commercial plaza located at 5050 Tecumseh Road East and construction of a new 2,023 m2 (21,777 ft2) commercial building; File Nos. Z-006-18 [ZNG/5413] and OPA 119 [OPA/5414] - Ward 8


11.3 Proposed closure of the 33feet wide unopened Princess Avenue, between Tecumseh Road East and Empress Street; File No. SAS/4726; Ward No. 8; Applicant – 2509252 Ontario Ltd

a) Karl Tanner, Consultant, and Pablo Golob, Planner, of Dillon Consulting Limited

b) Louis Stankovich, Property Owner


Excerpt from the City of Windsor Procedure By-law 98-2011 - A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the conduct of its members (Part 10-Delegations) :

The Clerk shall not register a delegation unless there is a specific item listed on the Order of Business to which the delegate has a bona fide interest and wishes to address Council / Committee.  Any person who wishes to appear before Council shall make application to the Clerk by the Friday preceding the Council meeting, 12:00 noon, to be placed on the Order of Business to appear before Council at the meeting at which it will be dealing with the item of interest to the delegate. A written brief is encouraged and, if submitted to the Clerk by noon on the Friday preceding the Council meeting, shall be copied and distributed as "Delegation" submissions to Council members.  A maximum of 5 minutes shall be allotted for each delegation to present his/her position of support or opposition to the relevant item on the Order of Business.  Where there are numerous delegates taking the same position on a matter, they are encouraged to select a spokesperson to present their views.

Click here to view the entire City of Windsor By-law 98-2011 "A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the Conduct of its members": Procedure By-law 98-2011.

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