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 Council Reports 2012

1459 Ottawa Street - Garbage  Bin Alley Encroachment.pdf5/7/2012
2011 Annual Report Card on the Community Strategic Plan.pdf2/6/2012
2011 Year-End Budget Variance Report.pdf4/2/2012
2012 5-Year Capital Plan.pdf6/18/2012
2012 Annual Temporary Borrowing.pdf1/9/2012
2012 Business Improvement Area (BIA) Budget Approval.pdf2/27/2012
2012 Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association Request for Hospitality Resource Panel Funding.pdf2/27/2012
2012 Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority Operational Plan and Budget.pdf2/27/2012
2012 Flu Vaccinations Provided by Tecumseh Urgent Care.pdf9/4/2012
2012 Ministry of Education Child Care Service Agreement.pdf2/6/2012
2012 Operating Budget - Additional Information.pdf2/27/2012
2012 Property Tax Policies - A framework for 2012 Tax Rates.pdf5/22/2012
2012 Second Quarter Operating Budget Variance Report.pdf8/7/2012
2012 Service Contracts - Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Children and Youth Services.pdf2/6/2012
2012 Sewer Surcharge Budget Update-Measures to Mitigate Basement Flooding.pdf6/18/2012
2013 Budget Update.pdf11/5/2012
2013 Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) Operational Plan and Budget.pdf12/17/2012
2013 Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority Operational Plan and Budget.pdf12/3/2012
2013 Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Communities Conference.pdf7/23/2012
2013 Proposed Budget Process and Timeline.pdf9/17/2012
2013 Schedule of Council and Standing Committee Meetings.pdf11/19/2012
2013 Windsor-Essex International Children's Games (ICG) Project Update.pdf12/3/2012
2014 Ontario 55+  Summer Games.pdf4/16/2012
350 City Hall Square West - Conditions Report Update and Options.pdf6/18/2012
A By-Law for the Construction of a new Access Bridge over the 8th Concession Drain for the Southwest Detention Centre.pdf5/7/2012
A Place of My Own Proposal request for a change in the payment schedule for the Homelessness Partnering Strategy Funding.pdf10/1/2012
Acquisition of a Fire Investigation Vehicle.pdf11/5/2012
Acquisition of Four (4) Aerial Platform Firefighting Apparatus.pdf11/5/2012
Acquisition of Two (2) Fire Trucks.pdf2/6/2012
Admin Report - Lease Agreement between City of Windsor and Centre of Seniors for a portion of 8787 McHugh (WFCU).pdf10/15/2012
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