Westcourt Place Evacuation Details
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Westcourt Place Evacuation Details

The on-scene fire investigation at the Westcourt Place building has been concluded, allowing control of the building to be turned back to the building ownership, but the building remains closed under orders of the Medical Officer of Health. 

Progress has been made in moving towards a return to power, with a generator now on scene and steps towards installation and hook-up taking place. But, re-occupancy may not be quick, as there will be tests of equipment needed, inspections to take place and a plan developed by the owners to bring residents and tenants home. Unfortunately, no date can be put on re-occupancy at this time, and all residents are to stay with their current housing arrangements with family, friends, hotel or motel.

The temporary shelter at the WFCU Centre has now been closed, as the 30 residents who were unable to find their own accommodations originally are now in motels supported by Westcourt ownership. All activities at the WFCU Centre have returned to normal.

Residents and tenants of Westcourt Place are able to contact building management via email, but please be patient, as the manager is doing her best to deal with all issues as quickly as she can. The building manager is also setting up an office in the downtown until she can return to her own in the Westcourt building, and notice on that location will be shared when accommodations are secured. Ownership is also being encouraged to set up an online presence where residents and tenants can find up-to-date information going forward.

Residents who find they need assistance outside of what the Westcourt owners are providing can contact 211 for information and referral on community, social, health and government services. Call 211, 24/7 or 1-866-686-0045.

Residents may also contact the shelter providers directly at the numbers below. 

Provincial Offences Office Information:

The Provincial Offences (POA) Court office located at 251 Goyeau Street is currently closed due to this week’s fire at the Westcourt Place. See the latest information pertaining to POA.​

Initial Information:

As was reported on Tuesday, the Windsor-Essex Medical Officer of Health ordered the complete evacuation of the Westcourt Place building on Chatham Street due to lack of power, heat and water stemming from a car fire in the underground parking garage.

Many residents of the 21-story office building left voluntarily early in the day due to the fire, but later in the day the complete evacuation was ordered when crews were unable to restore power.

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