Waste Collection Calendar Delivery Update
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Waste Collection Calendar Delivery Update

The delivery of 70,000 City of Windsor 2019/20 Collection Calendars to residential mailboxes continues. However, there has been an issue involving delivery to two areas of the city:

  • Residents living in the area with a postal code beginning with N9G were inadvertently delivered two different copies of the calendar.  They are advised to follow the version with 2B on it.

  • As a result, residents with the postal code beginning with N8Y may see a delay in the arrival of their collection calendars.  The calendars have been ordered and will be distributed as quickly as possible.

Those residents and any others who do not receive a copy of the 2019-20 Collection Calendar by March 31, 2019 should call 311, and a copy will be mailed to them. Residents can also find a printable copy on the City of Windsor website after April 1, 2019 at www.citywindsor.ca under “My Collection Calendar.” Collection information is also available at www.mappmycity.ca or by downloading the Recycle Coach App from your phone’s app store.

Residents are reminded that regular collection days have not changed from last year. Whatever day of the week your garbage was collected in 2018 will be the same this year.

The Collection Calendar is valid from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 and acts as a handy reference tool throughout the year. The calendar not only indicates collection days but also provides valuable information, such as preparation requirements, how to get rid of needles or bulk items, and why your garbage may not have been collected in certain situations.

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