Vacant Home Tax Program Survey

The City of Windsor is seeking feedback from those interested in or potentially impacted by a proposed new vacant home tax program.

In 2021, City Council approved the development and implementation of a vacant home tax program in an effort to encourage owners of vacant residential dwellings to either sell or rent out these properties to increase the availability of housing in Windsor. The tax is not intended to apply to principal residences that are owned and occupied.

Under this program, all owners of residential properties would be required to self-declare the occupancy status of their property or properties to better assist in determining whether the vacant home tax would be applicable. For property owners simply living in their own homes, nothing would be required beyond this declaration, as the intent of the program is to stimulate affordable housing by making it less attractive for property owners to leave residential properties unused.

The survey is available until February 19, 2023, on Windsor’s new public engagement portal, Let’s Talk Windsor:

Individuals can also request a physical copy of the survey by contacting 311.

Specific questions or requests can be submitted by phone by contacting 311 or by contacting by email.

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