Tembo Wash Day is Back!

Tembo Wash Day is back after a two-year hiatus! Everyone is invited to this treasured family-friendly event where you can help give Tembo and the baby elephants their bath! Warm, soapy water and all the supplies you need will be provided by the Windsor Sculpture Park Team.

Join us Saturday, June 25, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. as we celebrate our scenic Windsor Sculpture Park. Known as our “museum without walls,” the Windsor Sculpture Park showcases more than 31 large-scale, internationally recognized works of contemporary sculpture by world-renowned artists. Tembo Wash Day pays tribute to one of our star sculptures, giving families a hands-on opportunity to join in the conservation and the fun!

A beloved Sculpture Park gem, Tembo by artist Derrick Stephan Hudson is a beautiful and majestic African elephant guiding her two babies. Tembo is the Swahili word for “African elephant.” The three elephants, cast in bronze, depict the strength and loyalty of a mother caring for her children. The massive mother elephant stands solidly guarding her youngsters, providing protection and care. Her triangular-shaped ears, sometimes said to resemble the continent of Africa, help to distinguish the subject as an African elephant. Did you know the ears of an elephant are like fingerprints? Each is completely unique and can be used by scientists for identification. ​Weighing almost as much as 80 people or six automobiles, this enormous mother elephant is one of the largest bronze elephants in the world.

This event is part of the Department of Recreation & Culture's activities for June Is Recreation and Parks Month - a month filled with opportunities to explore and experience new activities and get active for the summer.

More information on the Tembo Sculpture can be found on the City of Windsor website CityWindsor.ca.

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