Students Ride for a Loonie during March Break
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Students Ride for a Loonie during March Break

Transit Windsor is offering all elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students a price break again this year.

Students will pay just one dollar during March Break (March 11 to March 17), instead of the regular cash fare of $3.00. This applies to all city buses but excludes tunnel bus and special event services. Students must show a valid student card when paying their fare.  

Transit Windsor is working to increase public awareness on the benefits of taking public transit:

  • A single bus can eliminate up to 50 single occupancy vehicles, reducing pollution and road congestion.
  • Transit riders can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, particularly if they are walking or cycling to their stop.
  • Riding public transit is less stressful. Rather than driving in traffic and spending time looking for parking, passengers can relax and listen to music, or read a book. 

It’s hoped that educating our youth and the greater public to the many benefits of public transit we will encourage more residents to choose Transit Windsor as their mode of transportation.

For more information on Transit Windsor, visit the transit pages, or call 311.

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