Storm Flooding Tops the Top Ten for 3rd Quarter
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Storm Flooding Tops the Top Ten for 3rd Quarter

The record rainfall in August resulted in a record number of flooding calls to 311 and a vast increase in the number of requests for basement subsidy support.

There were 6,593 calls to 311 for storm flooding, far outdistancing the number of dirty yard complaints (1,730) that accounted for the number two request in this quarterly top ten list.

“This latest storm has really solidified the need for individual action to complement the infrastructure work the City has been doing,” said City Engineer Mark Winterton. “We knew storms were getting worse and causing more flooding right across the globe, but I think this storm has really mobilized individuals to take action to be as prepared as possible moving forward.”

In the two months since the August 28, 2017 flooding event, there have been 3,400 calls to the City for subsidy support; prior to the storm there were 4,500 between 2011 and August 2017.

Top 10 Service Requests (SR's) - Third Quarter 2017

Service Request Type

# OF SR's

Storm Flooding


Dirty Yard Complaint


Tree Maintenance


Send Information


Rodent Extermination Program


Garbage Not Collected


Sewer Complaint


Tax Inquiry


Downspout Disconnect Service


Building Condition Complaint



The City has invested nearly half a billion dollars in sewer system upgrades since 2001 and also offers residents a financial subsidy of up to $2,800 to install a sump pump with overflow and/or backwater valve(s) and/or disconnect foundation drains from the floor drain. Most recently, City Council increased the percentage of costs covered to 100% of the $2,800 total and implemented a fast track program for quicker service. Downspout disconnection is highly encouraged and is done free of charge by the City.

Details on all flooding prevention programs can be found on the City of Windsor website at  You can register by calling 311.

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