Regulation of Residential Rental Properties Survey

The City of Windsor is seeking feedback from those interested in or impacted by licensing regulations for residential rental properties with one to four units.

City Council has directed administration to create a framework for a two-year pilot study in wards 1 and 2, led by Licensing and By-Law Enforcement.

This study could be of particular interest to both homeowners and renters locally, as well as residential landowners and landlords.

Key elements include the following:

  • Issues with residential rental housing
  • Possible regulatory solutions
  • Comments and concerns about the proposed licensing framework

The survey will be available from October 19 to November 9, 2021, on the Surveys Page of Individuals can also request a physical copy of the survey by contacting 311.

Once the survey is completed, administration will present a pilot study licensing by-law at a future meeting of council for consideration.

Specific questions or requests should be directed to Craig Robertson, Deputy Licensing Commissioner, (519) 255-6100 ext. 6869 by phone or by email.


"This pilot project is the reasonable next step in our attempts to strengthen our neighbourhoods and ensure all landlords/tenants adhere to City property standards and by-laws. Public feedback is crucial to the project's overall implementation and success.”
– Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis

"It is important that we hear from all stakeholders in our community regarding the Residential Rental Licence (RRL). The intent of an RRL is primarily tenant safety and ensuring that all parties are playing by the rules. As housing demands continue to grow in our community, we must do our part in establishing a framework that provides accountability and better enforceability of our building and fire codes. The RRL is a step in that direction, and the pilot study will provide council with the data and information necessary to make a decision on implementing a citywide by-law in the future." 
– Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante

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