Proposed 2022 Budget Delivering Results for Parks

About $170 million in capital projects over the next decade

Mayor Drew Dilkens was joined today by Ward 7 Councillor Jeewen Gill to announce the launch of the request for proposal (RFP) phase for upgrades at 32 playgrounds in the city of Windsor as well as a list of parks enhancements set out in the City’s proposed 2022 budget.

In July, City Council unanimously approved investing $9.4 million to build the new play structures. The City will begin accepting bids this week. Once the contract has been awarded, construction is set to begin in March 2022 with completion by December 2023. The City will work with contractors to ensure most existing playgrounds remain open and accessible while the work is underway. Although playgrounds across the city are categorized as small, medium, and large, the average cost of redevelopment work is estimated at around $300,000 per park.

The City’s proposed 2022 Budget includes $26 million to enhance and improve city parks, with about $170 million to be invested over the next 10 years as council keeps its focus on Delivering Results for outdoor spaces, all while respecting taxpayers.

Significant recent and upcoming parks and playgrounds investments include the following:

  • $75,000 towards capital repairs to monuments and memorials, such as the Boer War Monument, Cenotaph, Polish Monument, and Freedom Way.
  • $150,000 for the complete redevelopment of McKee Park, including $200,000 from Bridging North America / Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority.
  • $250,000 towards the design phase of the Lanspeary Park improvements.
  • $600,000 for new or refurbished multi-use trails in parks across the city.
  • $50,000 towards the Fontainebleau splash pad, with work starting in the winter and the facility opening to the public in the summer of 2022. This funding is part of a 4-year project that includes $200,000 from Ward 8 Councillor Gary Kaschak’s ward funds, $200,000 from the capital budget, and $50,000 per year over 4 years.
  • $425,000 towards repairs, refurbishment, and replacement of shore walls along the riverfront.
  • $200,000 for development of the Mic Mac picnic shelter and pathway.
  • $480,000 towards new lighting in community parks along the riverfront from Ambassador Bridge to Askin Avenue.
  • $125,000 towards drainage improvements and flood mitigation efforts.
  • $4.1 million for the new greenhouse complex construction and refurbishments at Jackson Park. The project, with total funding of $7.5 million, will be finished in spring 2022.
  • $200,000 to complete the Malden Park off-road cycling trail. This project is ongoing and set for completion in the near future.
  • $150,000 towards construction and installation of a new washroom facility at Elizabeth Kishkon Park. This project will start over the winter, and the total budget is $600,000 for the washroom. The additional $450,000 was approved in 2018. The overall project includes installation of a new paved parking lot at a cost of approximately $250,000, to be paid by a developer.
  • $455,000 total – with $182,000 from previous years, and $272,000 in 2022 – for the Peace Fountain project’s public consultation and conceptual designs phase. A report will go to council in early 2022 for direction on next steps.
  • $460,000 for redevelopment of Stodgell Park, including multi-use trails, parking lot, benches, trees and gazebo. Work will begin in the spring of 2022, with funds pre-committed from 2023. This funding was pre-approved in 2019.
  • $8.4 million total for the Legacy Beacon – Home of Streetcar No. 351. All project funding is pre-approved. Next steps begin in 2022, with a $300,000 investment.
  • $700,000 overall for the Gateway Park project, which includes cleanup and new multi-use trails, benches and solar lights. Pre-committed funding set aside includes $300,000 in 2023 and $400,000 in 2024. Cleanup began in 2021, and the multi-use trails and lights will be completed in 2022.
  • $200,000 for repairs to the Riverside Baseball parking lot. This work was completed in 2021.
  • $168,000 for repairs to the Ojibway Park bridge and parking lot. This work was completed in 2020.


“As we emerge from the pandemic, the importance of well-developed outdoor spaces for kids and families is more important than ever before. The City’s proposed 2022 budget is about Delivering Results by prioritizing the needs of Windsor residents, including investments in parks infrastructure, amenities and services. To support the vision outlined in the Parks Master Plan, we are proposing to invest about $170 million over the next 10 years as we continue to build our city up to meet the post-pandemic needs of its citizens.”
Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

“The entire city, including Ward 7, is experiencing unprecedented investment in outdoor spaces, amenities, trails, wayfinding signage, safety upgrades, and much more. The proposed 2022 City budget includes $26 million to enhance and improve these vital spaces. These investments will improve quality of life within the city of Windsor, and continue to position us as the perfect place to live, work, play, and raise families.”
Councillor Jeewen Gill, Ward 7

For more information on City parks and amenities, please visit the Parks and Forestry, and Recreation sections at To view bid opportunities, please visit the City of Windsor's Biddingo site.

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