Planning a Multi-Use Trail around the Roseland Golf and Curling Club

The City of Windsor is looking to create a multi-use trail around the neighbourhood surrounding Roseland Golf and Curling Club.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis made a visit to the area today.

The proposed trail will be 3 metres wide and made of asphalt. The goal is to emphasize the importance of active transportation and to add to the existing network of trails in the community. The trail around the Roseland Golf and Curling Club will allow for connections to other existing trails and neighbourhoods, including Southwood Lakes.

City Council has approved hiring of a consultant to conduct a functional design study, which will confirm the best roads for the trail, how long the trail will run, and more. The study and report will cost $50,000.

To date, the city of Windsor has approximately 165 kilometres of multi-use trails, with approximately 30 kilometres added in the past 5 years alone. This project is another example of how the City is prioritizing active transportation development.

Since 2018, $7.4 million in capital funds, along with $1.3 million in operation maintenance, has been allocated to the City’s multi-use trail system.

City administration expects the consultant report to be completed by the end of summer, with the project to be presented to Council as a part of the 2023 proposed capital budget.


“The idea of this new trail is to connect to the overall network of trails in the area, reaching the residents in Southwood Lakes. The 3-metre asphalt path will also give residents another opportunity to be active. We continue to not only reach Windsor’s goals for active transportation, we aim to surpass them.”
– Mayor Drew Dilkens

"Establishing new multi-purpose trails and paths and connecting them to existing ones has always been a priority of mine. We need to add to our existing trail and path system so more people can enjoy them, not only in South Windsor, but across the entire city. In Ward 1, we have made improvements to Cabana, Malden and North Talbot roads, along with building a brand-new multi-purpose trail network in Central Park for people to use and enjoy. Creating a multi-purpose trail system within the Roseland neighbourhood is the next step in improving our active transportation infrastructure. Doing so will allow for more residents to enjoy their walk, run and bike ride safely and more comfortably. Moving forward with a feasibility study allows us to examine our options and work with residents in the area to choose what works best for them. The plan is to revitalize our infrastructure within the Roseland neighbourhood with more trails, more street lights and hopefully soon, a brand new clubhouse on the grounds of the golf course."
– Councillor Fred Francis, Ward 1

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