Ojibway Parkway Wildlife Crossing Consultation Launched

The City of Windsor is looking for input from residents regarding the design options to support a new wildlife crossing in Windsor’s west end. Options are being reviewed to determine the best way to help wildlife and species at risk safely cross a busy roadway between parcels of ecologically sensitive habitats..

A virtual public information consultation is underway to explore options for an “ecological connection” between Black Oak Heritage Park and Ojibway Park between Broadway Boulevard and Sprucewood Avenue.

It is estimated that close to 20,000 vehicles per day travel along Ojibway Parkway and the E.C. Row Expressway, which results in an unacceptably high amount of wildlife being injured or killed.

Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions is working with City staff and has identified some possible solutions. The options currently under consideration include:

·         Introducing an underpass Ojibway Parkway wildlife crossing to help ensure safe passage

·         Introducing an overpass wildlife crossing to help ensure safe passage over Ojibway Parkway Road

·         Make no changes and maintain the status quo

The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA), previously announced, as part of its Community Benefits Plan, seed money for a total amount of $1.5-million for a Wildlife Overpass.  Currently, $250,000 has been approved to fund the completion of the Class Environmental Assessment report

“We know that as our community continues to grow, and the Gordie Howe International Bridge is completed, even more traffic will lead to more animal collisions. Establishing this corridor is important for local wildlife, but also save Windsor drivers from potentially dangerous – and costly – vehicle impacts,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

The public is invited to take part in three public information consultations (PIC), the first of which is currently underway. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this PIC is taking place virtually and can be found online on the project web page on the City’s website.

Information including conceptual designs and a conceptual video are included. Resident comments are also encouraged and appreciated.

To learn more about City of Windsor environmental assessments, contact 311 or visit www.citywindsor.ca.

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