Milder Temperatures and Heavy Rainfall Increase Risk of Flooding

With significant rainfall in the forecast, the City of Windsor is reminding residents that taking action at home can significantly reduce the risk of basement flooding in our community.

What can individual homeowners do?

  • Make sure your home’s downspouts are disconnected from the municipal drain system so that storm water is deposited on lawns or in rain gardens. This reduces the amount of water in the sewers, thereby preventing sewer backup.
  • Ensure the grading around your foundation is sloped away from the exterior walls. This will keep water further from your home where it can pool and drain naturally once the rain ends.
  • Make sure your eaves troughs are clear of leaves and other debris so that water doesn’t cascade over the edge and down to your foundation.
  • Ensure catch basins are clear of leaves and debris and able to receive water to help to prevent flooding on roadways near your home.
  • If you have a sump pump and/or backwater valve, check to ensure all is working properly.

How can the City of Windsor help?

The City provides eel service on blocked sewer laterals (sometimes referred to as "eeling"), through an acceptable cleanout, up to three times in any 24-month period. After that time, the sewer lateral will no longer be provided service until it is replaced. You can contact 311 to request this service.

The City also offers the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program to owners of residential dwellings (single-family and duplex homes), a financial subsidy of up to $2,800 to install a sump pump with sump pump overflow and/or backwater valve(s) and/or disconnect foundation drains from the floor drain.

For more information, visit our Flooding page or contact 311.

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