​​​Flood Preparations and COVID-19

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, Fire Chief Stephen Laforet and City Engineer Mark Winterton provided an update on flood planning and preparations today—especially as they relate to COVID-19.

Once again, spring is bringing us high water levels, seasonal rains and high winds. The City of Windsor and surrounding communities have been urging residents to take action and be prepared with a plan should flooding occur, and COVID-19 is making early planning even more important. 

In the event of an evacuation due to overland flooding, COVID-19 will create extra challenges for residents and emergency responders. All municipalities have been advised not to open reception centres or emergency shelters where many people will be forced into restricted areas, since doing so could increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Homeowners in the high risk flood areas along the north side of Riverside Drive especially need to plan ahead for this.

Have a Plan:

  • Residents should be planning now where they can go so that individuals and families, including pets, can be as safe as possible; 
  • All plans should consider COVID-19 directives, i.e. physical distancing and limiting contact with vulnerable people, including essential workers;
  • If the resident has a mobility challenge or has special medical needs, their plan should take into account extra time and requirements to self-evacuate; 
  • Residents are encouraged to sign up for the City of Windsor’s new alerting system Windsor Alerts at windsoralerts.ca.​

Your Plan Should Include:

  • A Family Communications Plan
  • Evacuation Plan:  
    • Include a 72-hour Emergency Survival Kit for immediate needs with consideration for supplies, should the displacement extend to weeks
    • Consider your pets, i.e. carriers, leashes and food
    • Have alternative plans if not all family members are at home when the emergency occurs
    • Include important documents
    • Make an evacuation route
    • Emergency Numbers
    • Plan for special needs, such as assistive devices and medications 
    • Details of your insurance policy, for example hotel coverage or food allowance, and cost of your deductible
    • Cash for incidentals

Planning Resources:

For more information on City resources, including sandbagging, flooding precautions, basement subsidy programs and more, search the pages of www.citywindsor.ca. ​

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