Exercise Demonstrates Potential Risk with Illegal Parking at Area Schools
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Exercise Demonstrates Potential Risk with Illegal Parking and Stopping at Area Schools

A Windsor Fire Truck was slowly driven down Chilver Road past an elementary school this morning to provide parents and area residents a first hand demonstration of the danger being caused by “illegal drop-off congestion”.

Deputy Fire Chief Andrea DeJong says if people don’t start obeying the signage near schools, someone could get hurt.  “We needed to find a way to send home the message that dropping off kids right next to a school in a no stopping zone is dangerous.  Fire trucks, ambulances, even police cruisers are hard pressed to get past congestion like we see around schools, so we hope today’s demonstration is a wake-up call.”

Windsor Police, Parking Enforcement, Environmental Services, Windsor Fire and Rescue Services and the Greater Essex County District School board took part in the demonstration. 

Today’s event follows years of parking enforcement blitzes at area schools trying to address concerns of illegal parking and stopping – which are creating safety issues for students and residents.

Other options for parents include parking a block away from the school and walking with their children, allowing children to walk to school from home if they live close enough or allowing them to ride on their school bus if they are eligible to do so.  Buses at some schools arrive half full as parents choose to drive their kids instead


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