City Opens Emergency Shelter for Residents Displaced from Apartment Building

The City of Windsor will open an emergency shelter for residents living at 1616 Ouellette Avenue who are unable to find alternate accommodations on their own.

Building officials have ordered the building to be evacuated until electricity can be restored, stabilized and inspected, and safety measures can in turn be activated.

The building has been without centralized heat for some time due to a boiler failure, and electrical power has been unstable.

Electrical and heating contractors will be on site to determine how long it will take to fix the issues, which will help determine how long residents may be out.

City staff and the Canadian Red Cross will provide emergency shelter at the John Atkinson Memorial Community Centre. Programming at the community centre has been cancelled, and program users have been notified.

1616 Ouellette Avenue is a privately owned building with 120 residential rental units. The building’s owners have been notified of the orders and say they are committed to having the issues fixed as quickly as possible.

The City will continue to monitor the situation and support the residents’ needs.

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