City Honours Local Stewardship with Heritage Recognition Awards, and other celebrations in partnership with Doors Open Windsor 2022

The City of Windsor honoured five recipients with the 2022 Built Heritage Awards and introduced a new heritage designation plaque at an outdoor ceremony today. City Council traditionally recognizes excellence in long-time heritage stewardship and/or recent well-done conservation work through the presentation of the annual Built Heritage Awards, and also presents heritage designation plaques to new designated heritage properties. On behalf of Mayor and Council, Ward 5 Councillor Ed Sleiman recognized the following projects for their history, conservation and stewardship in this year’s ceremonies:

·       766 Devonshire Road - Niels C. Ortved House, Heritage Designation Plaque

·       1008 Drouillard Road, Built Heritage Award

·       1785 Walker Road - Teron Building, Built Heritage Award

·       225 Giles Boulevard West - William T. Wesgate House, Built Heritage Award

·       Hiram Walker Bridge (Peche Island) Restoration, Built Heritage Award

·       3277 Sandwich Street - Mackenzie Hall Masonry Restoration Project, Built Heritage Award

For more information on this year’s recipients, see Council Report: City of Windsor Heritage Recognition 2022. Video footage and photographs from today’s outdoor ceremonies will be compiled in a video and presented to City Council at a future meeting.

As part of the Heritage Recognition celebrations, City of Windsor has also partnered with Doors Open Windsor 2022, a free event held on September 24-25, for visitors to explore cultural, heritage, and interesting spaces. See Doors Open Windsor 2022 StoryMap for sites featured this year, and participate in the official Heritage Scavenger Hunt contest!

This year only, Mackenzie Hall Masonry Restoration Presentation will discuss the conservation work conducted at the building over the years, with a focus on the recent City-led masonry restoration project, followed by an outdoor guided walk-around of the building. Guest speakers features the City’s project manager, the project architect, and a representative from Friends of the Court.

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