City Hall Plaza and Civic Esplanade Project Seeks Public Input

A new City Hall Plaza and Civic Esplanade project is being undertaken in order to provide inspiration for the design of a new City Hall Plaza, which is located at the head of the Civic Esplanade. The new plaza is generally located on the footprint of the former 350 City Hall Square West building. This location is the southern terminus of the Civic Esplanade and creates a natural connection between the City Hall campus and the riverfront. The new plaza is envisioned to be an inviting, flexible, multi-use outdoor space that balances the needs of City Hall and the public.

As part of the project, the existing Civic Esplanade is being examined as well. Conceptual designs for the esplanade and the plaza will be developed in order to help create a continuous space in a contextually appropriate way.

Why now?

All great cities have great outdoor civic spaces. These spaces help build and reinforce the community that uses them. They are a draw for public discourse, community events, official ceremonies and leisurely enjoyment. During the pandemic, many of the norms of life have changed, and many of us find ourselves enjoying outdoor public spaces as an alternative way to spend our time and stay healthy. This unique situation serves as a reminder that accessible outdoor public spaces should always be made available to our community. The pandemic will not be a permanent factor in the future of our community, but the Civic Esplanade and City Hall Plaza will be, and they will continue to pay social dividends and enrich our lives for years to come. The City is committed to looking towards the future and continuing to find ways to improve our community, and this project is just one of those improvements.

Learn more and have your say:

For more information, please visit and see our Civic Plaza and Esplanade Project video (YouTube). On the website, you will be able to choose from the interactive map, ideas tab or survey to have your voice heard, and you can also subscribe to our email alerts to stay informed.

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