COVID-19 Update: Garbage Collection, Parking Enforcement and Volunteers

Social distancing applies to garbage collection too; on-street parking enforcement relaxed; no call for volunteers yet

Garbage Collection:

Windsor residents are being asked to respect the social distancing recommendations of health officials and please stay at least 2 metres away from garbage and recycling workers.

The City’s collection contractor, GFL is reporting that drivers are being approached for conversation and with offers to help load items in. While the sentiment is appreciated, please remember that the need for social distancing is vital. Please do not approach GFL staff who are working to keep our city clean.

Many residents are also taking advantage of the time at home for spring cleaning.  Please note that all garbage requirements remain the same: garbage must be in hard sided containers and must weigh no more than 20kg (44lbs); pails are not to be overfilled; and loose garbage should not be placed in pails.

If anyone has been missed during collection, please call 311, as we are still taking calls and still investigating uncollected stops.

We are happy to continue to collect garbage and recycling, but in order to do so, we need everyone to respect the distancing and adhere to the by-laws. 

Parking Enforcement:

In an effort to help small businesses, parking enforcement has been relaxed at on-street parking meters, which means meter fees are not required, but time limits and special designations (e.g. accessible permit parking) remain in effect and will be enforced. Enforcement continues in parking lots, and emergency access must always be maintained. Complaints and abuse of time at meters will continue to be investigated and enforced. This means that you can not exceed the meter's maximum and park all day. Your vehicle will be marked and ticketed if found to be abusing the time frames. Plazas that remain open will be heavily enforced to keep accessible spots and emergency routes clear for those who need them. All other residential parking restrictions will still be enforced at this time for safety and operational reasons. Follow the street signage in your area.​


We have received requests from residents offering to help where needed. While we appreciate the sense of civic duty that drive our community members to reach out and offer to volunteer their services, we request that people keep safe and continue to maintain social distancing practices at this time to help stop the spread of this pandemic. Should a call for volunteers be needed, we will reach out to the community through our regular channels of news media, social media and our City website. For those wanting to help the community during these challenging times, donations to a local charity such as a local foodbank would be appreciated.

Visit for the latest information where we also have a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions that can help answer questions you might have or might not have thought of.   

Our community partners at the Windsor Essex County Health Unit also have an excellent webpage of information on the latest health advice and information on COVID-19.

For information on Municipal services call 311, download the 311 app or email between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.​​

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