Building Safer Streets and Expanding Storm Sewer Capacity in Provincial/Division Corridor

The City of Windsor is making significant investments to reconstruct and improve the Provincial/Division Corridor, one of Windsor’s most important commercial/industrial areas, through an overall $76-million infrastructure project.

City Council adopted the Provincial/Division Corridor Environment Assessment in 2007. Phase 1 saw approximately $11 million invested for construction of the Cabana/Provincial intersection between 2012 and 2013. Phase 2 is currently underway and is investing $8.9 million for construction of the North Roseland Pump Station at Captain Wilson Park along with underground storm water management facilities. The overall budget for the Provincial/Division Corridor Improvements Project is valued at $76 million.  

Improvements include:

  • Phase 1 – 2012 to 2013. Construction of Cabana-Provincial intersection
  • Phase 2 – now underway. Design and construction items, with nearly 100% of the work happening underground for drainage improvements, plus construction of the new pump station. Work details include the following:
    • New trunk storm sewer on Provincial Road outlet to Sixth Concession Drain;
    • New trunk storm sewer crossing CN Railway to North Roseland pump station;
    • Underground storm water management facility in Captain Wilson Park;
    • Oil and grit separator for water quality control;
    • Cleaning and regrading Sixth Concession Drain between Monarch Basics site and North Roseland Pump Station; and
    • Relining aged Sixth Concession Drain culvert crossing CN Railway.
  • Phase 3 – 2022 to 2023. Storm sewer and water main construction from Sixth Concession Drain to Sixth Concession Road and construction from Provincial/Sixth Concession intersection and Sixth Concession between Cabana and CN Railway.
  • Phase 4 – 2024 to 2025+. Provincial Road construction work - Lone Pine to Lowe’s intersection, east of Lowe’s to Walker Road, and remaining construction work from Cabana Road East to Grand Marais Drain. 


“The Provincial/Division Road corridor has experienced a significant increase in traffic volume in recent years, largely due to the tremendous growth in the development of nearby commercial and residential centres. Council’s substantial investment into this multi-year project will help deliver on our promise to fix Windsor’s roads by improving drainage and infrastructure, improving safety, reducing traffic congestion, cutting travel times and increasing active transportation for residents now and well into the future.” – Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

“I am delighted to see the improvements to the Provincial Road corridor move forward. As significant development has proceeded and remains on-going in the city’s south-east and given the fact that Provincial connects directly to the 401, this is a critical investment that will both help to enhance quality of life for residents in the area and also build capacity to continue to develop sustainability.” – Councillor Kieran McKenzie, Ward 9

Learn more about the Provincial/Division Corridor Improvement Project. For information on construction and detours, contact 311 or see the City of Windsor construction and detours database.

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