Bridgeview Park Upgrades Almost Complete

Nearly $500,000 in upgrades to Windsor’s Bridgeview Park, located at 1899 Grove Avenue in Ward 2, will be completed this month.

The west end community park now features new benches placed on concrete pads, new fully accessible paved pathways that complete a circuit around the park, new trees, and parking lot upgrades, including new and expanded asphalt parking spaces that give residents easier access to the on-site community centre.

Special environmental features added to the park include grading and drainage work that utilize two new soak pits designed to store excess water underground, rather than through the municipal sewers, to help reduce surface flooding.

See our Bridgeview Park Upgrades video (YouTube).

“This investment in Bridgeview Park is part of council’s continuing commitment to improve outdoor green spaces and facilities that raise the quality of life for residents and strengthen community bonds,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “These upgrades not only help promote healthy, active outdoor recreation, which is at the core of vibrant communities, but they also align with our sewer master plan by reducing surface flooding and diverting water from our municipal sewer system.”

The last item to be completed will be the installation of new park lighting, which is expected to get underway shortly. Work related to the lighting is expected to start in a couple of weeks and should be complete by the end of March 2021, weather permitting.

"Bridgeview Park is located in the heart of Bridgeview neighbourhood and has been an active park since I could remember as a child,” said Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante. The addition of trails, concrete pads and benches, trees, a new parking lot and lighting provides a more welcoming and accessible environment for families and residents in the neighbourhood and beyond."

Spring will be upon us soon, and the public is encouraged to come out and enjoy the wonderful park upgrades.

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