Adie Knox Herman Community Pool
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Adie Knox Herman Community Pool

1551 Wyandotte Street West
Windsor, Ontario
N9B 1H6
Phone: 519-253-3157

Read below to find rates and times for:

  • Adult Lengths
  • Swim Lessons
  • Aquafit Classes

Membership Rates

Memberships to Adie Knox Herman Community Pool are available.

​Membership Type ​Fee
Annual​ $306.00​
Six Months​ $173.00​
Three Months​ $97.00​
One Month​  $34.00
Daily​ ​$5.25

Adult Lengths

Swimmers must be 16 years of age or older. Swimmers can gain access to adult lengths with a current membership to any City of Windsor pool, or drop-ins are welcome for an admission fee of $5.25.

​Day/Session ​Start ​End
Monday 7:00am​ 1:00pm​
Monday ​3:00pm 4:30pm​
Monday ​8:15pm ​9:15pm
Tuesday 7:00am 1:00pm
Tuesday ​3:00pm 4:30pm
Tuesday 8:00pm ​9:00pm
Wednesday​ ​7:00am ​1:00pm
Wednesday​ ​3:00pm ​4:30pm
​Wednesday ​8:15pm ​10:00pm
​Thursday ​7:00am ​1:00pm
​Thursday ​3:00pm ​4:30pm
​Thursday ​8:00pm ​9:00pm
​Friday ​7:00am ​1:00pm
​Friday ​3:00pm ​4:30pm
​Friday ​8:00pm ​9:00pm
​Saturday ​6:30am ​9:00am
​Sunday ​6:30am ​10:30am
 *Hours are subject to change

Aquafit (Shallow End)

​Day/Session ​Start ​End
Monday​ ​10:30am ​11:15am
​Monday ​3:00pm ​3:45pm
​Monday ​7:30pm ​8:15pm
​Tuesday ​10:30am
​Tuesday ​3:00pm ​3:45pm
​Wednesday ​10:30am ​11:15am
​Wednesday ​3:00pm ​3:45pm
​Wednesday ​7:30pm ​8:15pm
​Thursday ​10:30am ​11:15am
​Thursday ​3:00pm ​3:45pm
​Friday ​10:30am ​11:15am
​Friday ​3:00pm ​3:45pm

Aquafit (Deep End)

Day/Session​ ​Start ​End
Tuesday​ ​9:00am ​9:45am
​Tuesday ​8:15pm ​9:00pm
​Tuesday ​9:00am ​9:45am
​Tuesday ​8:15pm ​9:00pm

Aquafit (Advanced Shallow)

​Day/Session ​Start ​End
​Monday ​9:00am ​9:45am
​Wednesday ​9:00am ​9:45am
​Friday ​9:00am ​9:45am

Water Walking

Day/Session ​Start ​End
​Monday ​9:45am ​10:30am
​Tuesday ​9:45am ​10:30am
​Wednesday ​9:45am ​10:30am
​Thursday ​9:45am ​10:30am
​Friday ​9:45am ​10:30am

Therapy Pool - Rentals Available

  • Please contact Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex for details.  

Swim Lessons

For all information on swimming lessons at Adie Knox Herman Community Pool, please call 519-253-3157 or visit our online flip-through magazine at

You May be Eligible for Assistance

Pathway to Potential 

Pathway to Potential (P2P) is a strategy and network of organizations and people that are focused on the prevention and reduction of poverty in Windsor-Essex. P2P accomplishes this by engaging the community to identify and remove barriers to social and economic resources through education, research, and advocacy. 

How to Apply:

  • You must bring your Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice with you to apply.
  • City Staff will be looking for four requirements on the form:
    1. The form must be from the current year.
    2. "National Child Benefit Supplement" (NCBS) must be clearly printed on the form.
    3. The child's/children's name must be listed on the form. You must be the legal guardian of the child or children to qualify.
    4. The name and address listed on the form must be your valid contact information registered with the City of Windsor.
  • Hand in the form to be verified by City Staff. Staff will confirm the four requirements listed above and register the child  or children in the program.
  • The client only pays 10% of the original program fee.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire is committed to providing our children with the opportunity to participate in sports and recreation programs so that they can develop essential life skills, self-esteem, and confidence. To help make this happen, the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families introduced its national signature program, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, which delivers assistance to give all kids a sporting chance.

How to Apply:

  • Print out the Canadian Tire Jumpstart application form by clicking on the link above. 
  • Mail in the application or drop it off to Parks and Recreation Main Office (address listed on application form).
  • The form will be submitted to Canadian Tire Jumpstart by City Staff.
  • If approved, the funds will be paid to the City of Windsor.
  • The client will be contacted by City Staff, and the client is then responsible for registering the child in programming. The child will not be automatically registered.

Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex

1551 Wyandotte Street West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9B 1H6
For general information, call 311.