311 Top Ten for Second Quarter of 2017
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311 Top Ten for Second Quarter of 2017

The City of Windsor’s latest Call Centre statistics show dirty yards and tree maintenance topping the list of service requests (SR's) for the 2nd quarter of 2017.

The number of dirty yard calls was up by 249 when compared to the same period in 2016, while tree maintenance calls were down by 136.

“The mild winter has likely been a factor in the increase in calls, as typical dirty yard complaints involve things like grass and weeds in excess of 12 inches,” says By-Law Enforcement Manager Bill Tetler.  “And whether its grass and weeds, or discarded household items and debris, we appreciate residents calling 311 so we can investigate and do what’s needed to help keep our city looking great.”

Top 10 SR’s – Second Quarter 2017

​Service Request Type ​ # OF SRs
​Dirty Yard Complaint ​2,133
​Tree Maintenance ​1,441
​Collection Calendar Request ​995
​Rodent Extermination Program ​813
​Pothole ​521
​Garbage Not Collected ​488
​Building Condition Complaint ​361
​Send Information ​359
​Transit Windsor 312
​Tax Inquiry ​309

The 311 call centre deals with approximately 140,000 interactions each year and can be reached by calling 311, emailing 311@citywindsor.ca or text to 311.

More statistics can be found in the open data section of the City of Windsor website.

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